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Not all cast stone manufacturers are the same. Most operate without adequate quality assurance or testing regimes and may not be working to proper standards.

Selecting cast stoneĀ from an UKCSA Member ensures you are getting the best product and service available, with outstanding product strength, durability and site handling.

Aspects which should be considered when buying cast stone include:

Learn how to Specify cast stone with confidence with further guidance given to help you determine Is your cast stone up to standard?

The manufacturing members of UKCSA are Broadmead Renaissance Cast Stone , GreconUK , Haddonstone , Pennine Stone , Plean Precast , R Whitehead (Concrete) , Thorverton Stone Company and Woodside Cast Stone


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All data on this website is for information only and is to the best of our knowledge current and correct. UKCSA presents this information without guarantee and cannot be held liable for any consequential claims. UKCSA members will be able to advise you in more detail on all aspects of cast stone specific to their products and supply.

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