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People prefer cast stone – and a MORI poll proves it.

A national opinion poll commissioned by the UK Cast Stone Association from Ipsos MORI has shown that the vast majority of the British public prefer properties detailed in cast stone when given the choice between a property with this option (see top image of houses with cast stone) and one withou (see lower image of the same houses without cast stone).

The survey also reveals people are prepared to pay nearly 5% extra for a property detailed in cast stone.

The survey showed that 79% of the British public prefer properties detailed in cast stone and are willing to pay an average 4.9% extra for the stylish look it adds to their property. That’s more than £12,000 extra per property based on the UK average house price (based on figures from the Government's Office for National Statistics, published for July 2013). What would that be worth on an entire development?

UKCSA chairman Andy Cotton says: "The survey is a first but it backs up what many housebuilders already know – cast stone adds kerb appeal and that's worth thousands. The Mori poll has shown an overwhelming public preference for cast stone and people are willing to pay extra for the classy look it adds to their property."

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