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The correct curing of cast stone is essential to resist damage during transportation and construction, and for its long-term durability and appearance.

There is often a misconception that curing involves the drying out of cement based product, but the chemical reaction which caused the product to gain strength requires water to complete.

The minimum curing time specified in BS 1217, the British Standard for cast stone, before cast stone should be transported or installed is 14 days after casting, unless accelerated curing processes are employed.

The 14 day period – which may need to be extended for structural units – comprises the initial curing period of 12-14 hours away from direct sunlight and drying winds which may cause the loss of water in the product by evaporation, and then into protected storage, before dispatch after 14 days.

However, some UKCSA members have invested in an accelerated curing method, usually referred to as vapour curing, a technique which can significantly reduce the timescale required from production to site.

All UKCSA manufacturing members must achieve a minimum level of curing as part of the membership criteria, as defined in UKCSA's Curing Regimes & Standards document.

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